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Batch Filling Made Easy: Semi-Automated Capper for CR/TE Methadone Bottles

Updated: Feb 2

LiquiMedLock | March 30, 2023

semi-automated capping machine for methadone bottles
LiquiMedLock's™ semi-automated capping workstation is easy to assemble and easy to use. Compatible with all LiquiMedLock™ square CR/TE methadone bottles.

Batch filling methadone prescriptions can be time-consuming, tedious, and physically exhausting. LiquiMedLock’s™ semi-automated capping workstation can help reduce physical strain, cap bottles faster, and save both time and money by eliminating the need for tamper evident seals. It is also a great tool to add to any harm reduction program.

This article will provide in-depth details on the components of the capper, how to assemble it, how to use it, and why it is ultimately the ideal method for batch filling methadone prescriptions.

Physical Components

Not only is the capping workstation easy to use, but it is also easy to assemble. The capper is comprised of only a few parts:

  1. One tool stand

  2. One swing arm with a sliding hook

  3. One bench clamp (optional)

  4. One tool balancer

  5. One drill

  6. One drill head

  7. One power supply box with electrical cords

In order to function, the drill head comes with a grip chuck tool with a urethane liner. This rubbery component allows the drill head to grip the bottle caps when in use. Upon initial purchase of the capping workstation, the drill will come with a liner. Depending on the frequency of use, one liner should be able to handle up to 200,000 bottle closures. Once the liner requires placement, they can be purchased individually for $17 USD or approximately $22.85 CAD. If you need a new liner, let us know and we will order it for you.

labelled semi-automated capping drill for CR/TE methadone bottles
There are only a few components of the capping workstation. The entire workstation can be assembled with just an Allen key.

The base of the tool stand can either be directly affixed to the top of the desired surface, or a bench clamp can be used to attach the tool stand to the edge of the desired surface. If using a table, it is important that it is properly weighed down to prevent the weight of the machine from flipping the table over.

How to Assemble

The main capping workstation requires only an Allen key to assemble. A screwdriver or drill may be required to affix the capper to the desired surface (table, workbench, counter, etc.).

semi-automated capping device for methadone bottles labelled with instructions
The capping machine can be assembled in just a few steps.

Tool Stand

The aluminum tool stand functions to protect your investment and decrease clutter in your work space. The tool stand will support a maximum of 10lbs (4.5kg). The height of the tool stand can be adjusted up to 44" (110cm). The sliding tool hanger on the swing arm allows for a horizontal reach of 24" (60cm). The swing arm can pivot 180° to accommodate your work space. You can avoid drilling the tool stand directly to the surface by using the optional bench clamp and bolts provided.

Tool Balancer

The tool balancer is recommended to provide appropriate overhead support for the drill. The tension on the tool balancer can be adjusted to keep the drill at the desired height with the desired range of motion.

Electric Drill & Torque Controller

The torque of the drill can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. It is recommended to start with a torque of 4.5. The drill has a speed range of up to 550 RPM. The drill therefore requires little physical strength to operate. The light, ergonomic design of the drill makes it very easy to operate.

How Does It Work?

Not only is the capper easy to assemble, but it is very simple to use. Upon setting up your workstation to suit your needs, bring your filled bottles to your space. Place a bottle on the surface you are working on. Place a cap evenly on the bottle. Grip the bottle in your non-dominant hand to keep it in place as you push the drill downwards on the cap with your dominant hand. You will know the cap is successfully secured when you hear an audible click.

Watch our demo video to see the capper in action.

Intended Use

The semi-automated capping workstation is intended to be used with LiquiMedLock™ square methadone bottles with child resistant, tamper evident caps. We currently offer 22mm narrow neck bottles in 30ml, 60ml, and 100ml fill capacities as well as a 32mm wide neck methadone bottle with a 100ml fill capacity. The drill head of this capping machine is compatible with ALL LiquiMedLock™ methadone bottle sizes shown below.


There are several key benefits to using LiquiMedLock's™ semi-automated capping workstation. When the capper is used with LiquiMedLock™ methadone bottles and caps, there is no more need for tamper evident pressure or heat seals. Once the cap is secured to the bottle, it is not removed until it is dispensed to the intended individual. This means you no longer need to remove each bottle cap to check that each tamper evident seal has been properly sealed to each bottle followed by re-capping each individual bottle - a tedious process. The built-in tamper evident band on LiquiMedLock™ caps breaks upon first open when capped correctly. Again, you will know the cap has been properly secured to the bottle when you hear an audible click. If you are unsure, shake the bottle. If leakage is occurring, that means the cap is not on properly and must be tightened.

Here's a summary of benefits:

  • One-time purchase.

  • Space efficient.

  • Easy to assemble and operate.

  • Requires little physical strength to operate. This means less physical strain and no more carpal tunnel.

  • Using the capper with LiquiMedLock™ methadone bottles eliminates the need for tamper evident seals.

  • Speeds up the capping process - the drill is fast and efficient with less time wasted on checking seals.

  • Improves batch filling efficiencies by 50% or more.

Order Your Capper Today!

Contact us for pricing and quotes. To further enhance operational efficiencies, we also offer bottle shredders. Since used methadone bottles cannot be recycled the same way empty pill bottles can, used bottles often build up until proper disposal is available. The bottle shredder decreases the space needed to store these bottles until proper disposal. Contact us for more information!

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