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Golden Padlock

Secure Storage

In addition to child resistant packaging and tamper evident packaging, LiquiMedLock also offers lock boxes with mini padlocks to bolster the security of methadone doses during storage and transport.

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Q: How can I confirm that your pharmaceutical packaging meets health and safety regulations? A: We provide our customers with all official compliance documentation as well as proof of certifications and licenses for every pharmaceutical packaging and medical product we offer. We are happy to share compliance information with you should you be interested in any of our methadone bottles, urine collection cups, or other pharmaceutical packaging products. Q: Why is there no pricing included for your pharmaceutical packaging products? A: Prices for our pharmaceutical packaging vary depending on several factors. Please contact us (phone, email, website) to get pricing and quotes for our pharmaceutical packaging. We respond quite quickly and are always happy to help. Q: Why can't I order pharmaceutical packaging directly from your website? A: Depending on your location, the quantity of units you would like to order, and other factors, we prefer to discuss packaging purchases and logistics together with you. We are happy to send samples of our pharmaceutical packaging if you are unsure.

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