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Pop-Top Packaging Could Change the Pharmaceutical Industry

Updated: Feb 2

LiquiMedLock | May 10, 2023

Pop-top packaging is becoming increasingly popular as a convenient and efficient way to package a variety of products across several industries. This type of packaging features a built-in pop-top lid that can be easily opened, yet is child resistant. Pop-top packaging offers a number of benefits for both consumers and manufacturers. In this article, we will explore the advantages of pop-top packaging and how it can benefit the pharmaceutical industry.

Is Pop-Top Packaging Safe?

The biggest question pharmacies are asking is whether pop-top packaging meets the safety standards set out by the government. The answer? Yes! Safety is a top priority to us. That is why our LiquiMedLock™ pop-top pill bottles have tested and certified child resistant closures in accordance with the ISO 8317 standard for poison prevention. This means our pop-top bottles have been physically tested by young children in a special facility to determine the safety of our product. We always share our certification documentation with prospective clients for their peace of mind.

Other Benefits of Pop-Top Packaging

Pop-top packaging comes with several other key benefits. Whether you are looking for more affordable packaging with less bulk, or a more sustainable product - which can be difficult to find in the pharmaceutical industry - pop-top packaging has a lot to offer.

Convenient Design

One of the most obvious benefits of pop-top packaging is the convenience it offers. With a simple squeeze of the bottle, consumers can easily pop the lid to access the contents of the package. Despite being child resistant, pop-tops allow adults to open these bottles with minimal physical strain. This means no more struggling to remove tricky caps. For those suffering from arthritis, pop-top pill bottles can make a world of difference.

In addition, the absence of a separate cap means less finger dexterity is required to open pop-top bottles. This also means no more lost bottle caps or clumsy handling of caps and bottles when removing medications.

Labelling Requirements

Another important factor to consider is space for health and safety labels. Our child resistant pop-top pill bottles come in several different sizes that provide ample room for all required product labels, especially for prescription medications. Our range of bottles sizes makes it easy to accommodate pills, capsules, and tablets of all sizes as well as prescriptions of all sizes.

Safety: Child Resistant Tested and Certified

As we previously stated, pop-top packaging is completely child resistant tested and certified. Our pop-top bottles are child resistant certified according to the ISO 8317 standard. As an aside, our pop-top tubes are certified child resistant according to the US CPSC and 16 CFR 1700.200 standards for poison prevention. Unlike traditional packaging that may require physical strength or even sharp tools to open, pop-top packaging can be easily opened without the risk of injury.


Another benefit of pop-top packaging is its portability. Many pop-top packages are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and store. Even our 60DR pop-top bottles are light enough so as to not weigh down pockets, bags, or purses.


Pop-top packaging is able to maintain product integrity for longer periods of time. The airtight seal created by the pop-top lid helps prevent air and moisture from entering the package. This is important for preventing the degradation of pharmaceutical products. Pop-top packaging can therefore prolong the efficacy of medications by ensuring safe product storage.

Price Efficient

Since the cap is attached to the main storage vessel, only one packaging component is purchased. No more separate orders of caps or ordering additional caps for backup. Pop-top packaging lacks the bulk of other packaging options making them the preferred packaging of choice for pharmaceutical products.

Environmentally Friendly

Pop-top packaging is becoming an increasingly popular choice for manufacturers and retailers due to its sustainability benefits. One problem with many packaging products out there is that one packaging unit may be comprised of several different materials. With pop-top packaging, the entire storage vessel plus closure are made of the same plastic. This eliminates the need to deconstruct difficult caps - such as those on prescription pill bottles - to properly recyclable the various components.

In addition, most pop-top packaging is made from plastic that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled after use. Furthermore, the compact design of pop-top packaging means that less material is required to produce each package, thereby reducing waste and lowering the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Why Use Our Pop-Top Packaging?

Our child resistant pop-top packaging has several features that make pop-top bottles the ideal choice for pharmaceutical products.

Competitively Priced

We offer the most competitive prices to help you save big without compromising on safety. Our pop-top packaging is extremely affordable, yet entirely compliant with health and safety regulations. Contact us for exact pricing, MOQ, and more.

100% Recyclable

Our pop-top pharmaceutical packaging products are made entirely from polypropylene (PP) plastic. This means all LiquiMedLock™ child resistant pop-top packaging products are 100% recyclable. In addition, our manufacturing processes are less detrimental to the environment than manufacturing other pharma packaging products.

Customize in ANY Colour

Whether you are a pharmacy that uses clear prescription pill bottles or amber ones, we can accommodate your needs. Our child resistant pop-top pill bottles can be customized to come in any colour or transparency. If you are interested in opaque packaging, we can customize our pop-top bottles any way you like, in any colour you desire.

Multiple Sizes for All Your Needs

Since pop-top packaging comes in several sizes, it can be the ideal packaging choice for a variety of products. Our child resistant pop-top bottles currently come in 13DR, 19DR, 30DR, and 60DR fill capacities to accommodate prescriptions of all shapes, sizes, and quantities. Please note that we will soon be offering 8DR pop-top bottles to make the transition to pop-top packaging as easy as possible.


Pop-top packaging offers a number of benefits for both consumers and manufacturers. From its convenience and portability, to its child resistant closure and recyclable material, pop-top packaging has become a popular choice for a wide range of products across many industries. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration for consumers and manufacturers alike, we can expect to see more pharmacies adopting pop-top packaging as a more eco-friendly option for their products.

Looking for more information? Contact us for pricing, samples, MOQ, customization options, and more!


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