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Improve Urinalysis With Enhanced Urine Collection Cups

Updated: Feb 2

LiquiMedLock | November 15, 2022

Decrease Urine Sample Contamination with LiquiCapture™

Urine collection for toxicology testing is a standard method used to identify the presence of certain chemicals within an individual's body. This is a typical practice in addiction treatment centres, sober living facilities, methadone clinics, some work places, and other similar settings.

While extremely useful and widely used, there are some disadvantages associated with urine collection and testing. For example, urine that is sent to a lab for testing can have a long turnaround time. Waiting 24 - 48 hours or longer for results may be problematic in cases where results are needed instantly to assess treatment compliance.

Another issue with urine testing is that results may be inaccurate if standard collection protocols are not followed correctly. This is especially true when the lid needs to be removed to use a drug test dip card or to extract multiple smaller samples for lab testing. Sample accuracy may also be influenced by adding specific diluting agents to the sample in order to purposefully skew the results.

To combat some of the challenges associated with urine testing, LiquimedLock™ has designed unique urine collection cups with built-in features that decrease the risk of sample contamination and streamline the process of drug testing within the addiction treatment space. Watch the video below to learn how to properly use LiquiCapture™ products.

How Does LiquiCapture™ Work?

LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cups have a 100ml fill capacity and come in three formats: (1) with an integrated dip slot, (2) with an integrated transfer device, and (3) a combo cup with both an integrated dip slot and transfer device. These features allow for sample testing without ever having to remove the lid. Not having to remove the lid means a decreased risk of sample contamination as well as simply being more hygienic for the individual collecting the sample. So, how does this work?

The Integrated Dip Slot

The dip slot is a built-in chamber that allows for the mess free insertion of drug test cards. This feature allows you to use drug testing cards without ever having to remove the lid of the cup. This feature is optimal for onsite drug testing in addiction treatment settings or for mandatory workplace testing.

A disadvantage of lab-based urine testing is the turnaround time for receiving results. LiquiCapture™ Cups with the dip slot can help circumvent the lengthy turnaround time associated with in-lab testing. Using the dip slot with a test card first, can function as a pre-screen for the presence of various drugs. This feature can help to identify whether further in-lab testing is required for confirmation of results, thereby limiting the need for unnecessary offsite testing.

By eliminating unnecessary instances of offsite drug testing, LiquiCapture™ can make the process of drug screening more efficient for both the nurses collecting the samples and the toxicology labs providing offsite testing services.

The Integrated Transfer Device

The integrated transfer device is meant for the extraction of smaller specimen samples with a vacuum sealed collection tube to send for offsite lab testing. If a specimen sample requires in-lab testing, vacuum sealed collection tubes can be inserted into the transfer device opening to extract smaller specimen samples for further testing. LiquiMedLock™ offers compatible vacuum sealed collection tubes in 5ml and 10ml fill capacities.

Like the dip slot, the integrated transfer device eliminates the need to remove the cap following specimen collection. Not having to remove the cap contributes to a decreased risk of sample contamination since there is no opportunity for airborne elements, bacteria, and other foreign particles to enter the cup after sample collection.

The Combo Cup

The combination cup is perfect for addiction treatment facilities because - as mentioned - the dip slot allows for initial drug screening using a drug test card, while the transfer device can be utilized if the urine sample requires further in-lab testing. Multiple samples can be extracted from the primary collection cup allowing labs to run multiple different tests without wasting any of the urine sample. Again, the lid is not removed from the cup to use test cards or to take smaller samples with collection tubes.

Ensure the Legitimacy of Voided Samples With Temperature Strips

Temperature strips may be added to any LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cup. The addition of a temperature strip can help identify when a sample has been tampered with. For nurses and lab technicians collecting the sample, the strips can help identify when a urine sample has been diluted. Samples that do not fall within the average temperature range for human urine upon initial collection indicates probable manipulation of the sample. Temperature strips can effectively dissuade individuals from adulterating their urine samples.

Harm Reduction

You may not believe that urine collection cups can play a role in harm reduction. However, consider this: what if an individual in a methadone program is using other drugs that could fatally interact with methadone? What if this individual alters their urine sample to produce false negatives? By dissuading individuals from diluting or otherwise adulterating their urine samples, treatment programs can keep patients safe by producing ensuring legitimate samples and thus more accurate test results.

Consider another situation. What if the sample is further contaminated when the lid is removed to use drug test cards? By limiting opportunities for sample contamination, treatment programs can enhance the accuracy of test results to further ensure the safety of their patients. LiquiCapture™ can therefore bolster the effectiveness of any harm reduction program.


Urine collection comes with several challenges. LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cups can help address some of the key issues associated with urine collection, like sample contamination. It should be emphasized that, if stringent collection protocol is ignored, sample contamination is much more likely to occur. If protocols are correctly followed, LiquiCapture™ Cups can further decrease the likelihood of sample contamination as well as being more hygienic than specimen collection with standard urine cups.

Furthermore, LiquiCapture™ streamlines the process of urine testing for drugs by making collection and sample transport cleaner and more efficient. Nurses, lab technicians, and other relevant parties are faced with enough day-to-day challenges. When LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cups with the dip slot is used with drug test cards, we can help reduce the burden placed on these individuals by identifying and eliminating unnecessary secondary lab testing. This is more procedurally efficient and cost efficient.

Interested in trying LiquiCapture™ products? Contact us for free samples, pricing, and additional information.

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