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Compliant Pharmaceutical Packaging

We are a leading supplier of child resistant, tamper evident methadone bottles, urine collection cups, child resistant pop-top pill bottles, & other compliant pharmaceutical packaging.

22mm Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Square Methadone Bottles
32mm Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Square Methadone Bottles
Secure Liquid Methadone Bottles Using Our Lock Box with Mini Padlocks
Semi-Automated Bottle Capping Workstation
LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cup with Integrated Dip Slot
LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cup with Integrated Transfer Device
Vacuum Collection Tubes
LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Combo Cup with Integrated Dip Slot and Integrated Transfer Device Plu
Sterile 90ml Urine Collection Cup
Child Resistant Pop-Top Bottles
75cc Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Plastic Bottles
Child Resistant, Tamper Evident Jars
PET Plastic Bottles

About Us

LiquiMedLock™ Inc. is a leading supplier of compliant pharmaceutical packaging solutions. We specialize in child resistant, tamper evident liquid methadone bottles to safely support opioid agonist addiction treatment. All products have been rigorously tested for compliance, health, and safety to guarantee the highest standards have been met. Our unparalleled customer service will ensure you are 100% satisfied with our packaging solutions.


We strongly believe in contributing to harm reduction programs by providing regulatory compliant packaging with built-in safety features. LiquiMedLock™ offers methadone bottles with unique, two-in-one, child resistant, tamper evident caps. The design of these caps enhances the safety of take-home methadone treatment programs. We also offer secure methadone lock boxes with mini padlocks as well as urine collection cups, vacuum collection tubes, child resistant pop-top vials, child resistant pop-top bottles, dropper caps, oral syringes, bottles, jars, and more.

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