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LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cup - Combo Cup

LiquiCapture™ Urine Collection Cup - Combo Cup


  • 100ml fill capacity

  • Made from high density polypropylene (PP) plastic

  • Leak resistant

  • Shatterproof (drop tested)

  • Available with or without temperature strips

  • Orange screw caps are included with cups

  • Has integrated dip slot and transfer device


About the Integrated Dip Slot:

  • Cap has built-in dip slot for insertion of drug test cards (not included)

  • Simply flip cup upside down to collect urine in dip chamber. Return cup to upright position. Open cover on dip slot and insert test card.

  • Ideal for drug screens

clear 100ml urine collection cup with orange screw cap lid and drug test card inserted into dip slot built into cap
The integrated dip slot allows for the mess-free insertion of drug testing cards.

Benefits of Integrated Dip Slot:

  • Mess-free

  • No need to remove entire lid to test

  • Reduced risk of sample contamination

  • Less exposure of sample to surrounding environment, means fewer opportunities for airborne contaminants to mix with sample

  • Fewer false positives/negatives, means tests do not have to be repeated and accurate results are produced faster


About the Integrated Transfer Device:

  • Cap has built-in transfer port for use with vacuum collection tubes (sold separately)

  • Extract and prepare smaller samples by inserting collection tube into transfer port and pushing down until desired amount of liquid has been extracted.

Benefits of Integrated Transfer Device:

  • Reduced time spent prepping specimen samples, which means results are delivered faster

  • Send pre-filled, correctly labelled test tubes that are prepped and ready for testing

  • No more messy transferring of specimen samples from a cup to test tube

  • Less waste to dispose of

  • Fewer opportunities for contamination

Benefits of Using Collection Tubes:

  • Urine already transferred to testing vessel before lab

  • Lab receives urine samples already properly labelled (with patient QR code)

  • Tubes are smaller than cups, take up less space, & cost less to ship

LiquiCapture™ Combo Cups


Cap Style

Units per Case


Integrated transfer device + liquid capture chamber



Integrated transfer device + liquid capture chamber + temperature strip


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